What I like about working at Skeeter: Quality is paramount and safety is priority. Leaders are taught to train, coach and audit employees, thus creating a work environment where employees know what their job is, know how to do it, and have the tools to do it. Employees feel good about coming to work and about leaving on a positive note.


What I like about working at Skeeter: Great work environment, Benefits are second to none, Awesome opportunities, Skeeter pushes you to get better not just as an employee, but as a person.


I can see myself having a long career at Skeeter. They care about us as employees as well as our families. Skeeter has excellent benefits and all major holidays off.


What I like about working at Skeeter: Good coworkers, no drama, Excellent health insurance, Enjoy seeing finished product in public, knowing I made it, Learning and developing new skills.


Being in the bass boat manufacturing business all of my life, my skill set matched this job very well. I have been given many opportunities to grow and be challenged. The management has always been very open and supportive of our jobs. Being owned by Yamaha gives us stability, which is important to me. The benefits and pay are great. I like the people most of all. We all get along very well and there is a healthy spirit of cooperation. I consider most of my coworkers my friends.


I have been with Skeeter for 8 months so far and it is the most enjoyable job I have had.  The pay is good and the benefits are great but for me it’s more than that. We get to build boats for a living which is really cool and there is always something new and exciting going on.  Every day is a new challenge but also very fun and rewarding. Everyone here works well together and even though the company has grown a lot it still feels like a family atmosphere. They truly care about the employees here and it shows in the way everyone is treated and all the things that they do for the employees.


What I like about working at Skeeter:  Great benefits, build a great product, management is fair to everyone, and it’s a dependable job.


Skeeter is a great place to work with plenty of opportunities for a successful career.  The atmosphere is fun, friendly and energetic. The product is world-class.


Coming to work at Yamaha/Skeeter was a very positive move for myself and my family.  It is life changing. You definitely get what you put into it. I love coming to work and being a part of a great TEAM!  The team work, pride and dedication we have a Skeeter is second to none, and I’m proud to be part of such a great company.  In closing, I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to better my life and my family.


The positive atmosphere at Skeeter is obvious at all levels.  People smile, people are helpful, and people are upbeat. I am proud to be a part of the Skeeter Team.


Skeeter is a very stable company with great benefits.  The management is fair and consistent. It is a family-friendly environment to work within.  


What I like about working at Skeeter: Fun industry where we manufacture cool products. Place where you can plant your roots to have a long-term career. Steady work schedule. Reasonable work hours. Friendly atmosphere. Excellent health benefits.


What I like about working at Skeeter:  Great place to work. Employees are very helpful.  Leads will help out anytime it’s needed. Come join the Skeeter Team!


I enjoy working at Skeeter because the leaders and supervisors are great role models.  It gives us someone to look up to, and they make us feel like family.


My favorite thing about working at Skeeter is the people I work around.  Lots of great people building a great product.


If you’re willing to grow with the company they’ll definitely give you the opportunity when available.


What I like about working at Skeeter: The hours are good, The benefits, The training, My bosses are awesome, The incentive program, The pay is good, The safety meetings are really nice – Teaches you the do’s and don’ts in the workplace, When the work is done right we have luncheons to show us that we are appreciated. Skeeter’s upper management always respects our needs and wants.


I believe Skeeter is a great place to work because of the staff as a whole, from the front office to the production line. Our insurance benefits are top notch compared to other places I have worked, not to mention our profit sharing program.   I like it here because our group in production management are focused on making a quality product. We all may not agree sometimes but we all are looking at the same set of goals we go by. Skeeter keeps the communication lines open from the management to the hourly workers to build the quality products daily.  I like the fact that we offer a stable work environment, as well as heated and cooled plants to work in. I also like that Skeeter involves employee interaction though our focus group to help communicate issues or ideas to better our company and employees. Skeeter employees are some of the best employees in Kilgore, Texas and that’s why I enjoy working here.


What I like about working at Skeeter: After working here 20 years, Skeeter/Yamaha has continued to reinvest back into the company each year to upgrade equipment and the facility. Skeeter has probably the best benefit programs around (medical insurance, retirement savings, vacations, etc.). They do cross-training as much as possible to make each employee more valuable.