Mold Maker C

Department: R&D

Manager/Supervisor: Engineering Manager

Position Summary:

Performs any combination of tasks to produce quality molds.

Essential Functions:

  • Learn and assist in preparing and waxing molds in preparation for mold building
  • Learn and assist in the lamination process
  • Learn and assist tying-in mold frames
  • Learn and assist the proper method of sanding and detailing mold surfaces
  • Learn and assist how to properly buff/polish molds and masters
  • Learn and assist in the proper use and application of release agents and mold agents
  • Learn and assist the assembly and installation of mold separation devices
  • Willingness to maintain and properly use company-issued tools and tool carts
  • Willingness to accept and follow instructions accurately
  • Willing participation in 5-S program
  • Any other work duties assigned


  • Ability to perform walking, standing, sitting, bending, kneeling, pushing, pulling for entire work shift
  • Work overtime when required
  • Ability to lift 40-50 lbs
  • Ability to work in the heat with high humidity
  • Ability to work around dust, chemicals, and fiberglass
  • Use of air powered and electric hand and shop tools and machines
  • Must be able to communication in English
  • Good coordination and manual dexterity
  • Ability to follow instructions accurately
  • Have good quality habits and comply with all company policies