Marketing Coordinator

Department: Marketing

Manager/Supervisor: Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Coordinator, employee will be responsible for the administration and implementation of complex, highly important cross-functional projects within the marketing department. Responsible for the management and overall direction of Vendor Partner Contracts along with Pro-Staff Contracts, Website content and MSRP pricing. Employee will be responsible for making sure that the build my boat section is up-to-date. Meeting with Color Committee and taking that information to make color charts. Will also be responsible for working with all departments on the Dealer Manual. This employee will be working with other departments within the Skeeter organization.

Essential Functions

  • Develop a plan to produce all Vendor Partner Contracts, Pro Contracts, and any other Contracts finalized and sent out in a timely manner each year.  If any payments need to be made, complete check requests for Monthly payments that cover the complete contract.
  • Website – work with Creative Services Coordinator and Site Done Right to learn how to place a new model on the Skeeter Build my Boat.  Ensure that all pricing is correct on both standard package and options for each model. Write image copy of each model and detail images, which will improve our SEO’s. Go over the website weekly to make sure that all content is correct.
  • Dealer Questionnaires – is our website delivering them enough content, leads; do we provide too much content, not enough.
  • Keep us with all other markets and the terminology they use in ads, etc..
  • Dealer Manuals – work with all departments to get updated pricing, specs, warranty, etc.  Manage outside firm to get manual in a printable format. Design cover page and spine. 
  • Color Charts and Color Committee – Meet on a biweekly basis with the internal committee.  Ensure that the layout and color selections are completed by May 1. Get Markley the layout of the chart and make sure they have necessary items to complete on time.
  • Skeeter Owner’s Tournament make connections with outside vendors, assist in sending out all vendor letters, soliciting donations for the annual Owner’s Tournament, and purchasing items needed.  All Marketing staff to be at each Owner’s Tournament for set-up, registration, and tear down.
  • Ensure projects are completed within budgetary constraints, monitor and report project timeline, expenses 
  • Work positively with staff, consumer, dealer, and vendor interaction to maintain and establish working relationships. 
  • Assist in managing the inventory of all items in off-site storage – confirm all items are accounted for, working closely with the Project Events Coordinator.
  • Negotiate pricing on al special order for company (clothing – place such orders as needed tents, table covers, flags, promotional items (caps, etc.).
  • Compile all Marketing data for National Sales Meeting, work with Marketing Manager to put in the correct format in Power Point.
  • All other duties as assigned by Marketing Manager.


  • BA or BS degree in Marketing
  • Strong inner-personal, negotiation, and project management skills.
  • Time management skills/strong command of assignments to be able to produce assignments efficiently on or before project due dates outlined in action plans.
  • Strong Organizational skills.