Factory Automation Engineer

Department: Continuous Improvement

Manager/Supervisor: Continuous Improvement Manager

Essential Functions:

  • Participates on project work to implement LEAN principles using automated solutions including, but not limited to, CNC machines, robotic cutting machines, and fiberglass cutting machines.
  • Create machinery cut files and programs based off Engineering definition. Maintains machine file/program organization and ensures the most current files/programs are being utilized by machines.
  • Assists in researching and development of software solutions to support automation equipment implementation and sustainment.
  • Research and define required tooling for ideal machine operation based on cut material type and machine parameters.
  • Develop machine calibration and maintenance requirements for each machine and execute the defined maintenance plan.
  • Evaluate material utilization per machine and adjusts programming accordingly to increase efficiency and meet production needs.
  • Assists in training other team members in automated machine processes.
  • Evaluates processes utilizing LEAN tools, TVP, and VSM to increase efficiency and through put.
  • Leads and participates in Kaizen related activities.
  • Assists in regular team activities, such as 5S Audits, to ensure company KPI goals are met and maintained.


  • College coursework highly preferred
  • Experience with Machine Programming with single and dual axis
  • Familiar with G-Codes
  • Lean manufacturing experience preferred
  • Industry 4.0 knowledge
  • Proficient in Project Management and Schedule Management